The Two Best Rock N’ Roll Drummers Together: John Bonham & Keith Moon

Keith Moon was responsible for naming Led Zeppelin when he quipped to Jimmy Page about the band he was putting together,

“With that lineup, you’ll go down like a lead zeppelin.”

A few years later Page remembered the joke and decided to remove the” A” in the word lead and Led Zeppelin was born.  Who would have guessed that one of the best Rock N’ Roll drummers of all time (Moon) was responsible for naming the band of another one of the best drummers of all time (John Bonham).

Here’s a photo of the two legends that should be hanging in the drummers Hall of Fame.  Bonham presenting Moon with a fake award on stage during a concert featuring Roy Harper and Friends at the Rainbow Theatre, London on February 14, 1974.

John Bonham Keith Moon Roy Harper And Friends Concert 1974

Moon also once joined Led Zeppelin live on stage at The Forum in Los Angeles California on June 23, 1977 during the song “Moby Dick” and the encores.

Keith Moon The Who Led Zeppelin Robert Plant 1977

Led Zeppelin Live With Keith Moon The Who

Here is a video of the momentous occasion.  Skip to 5:35 to see Moon and Zep.

Sadly both drummers would die in the month of September at the age of 32.  Keith Moon passed away on September 7, 1978 while John Bonham passed away on September 28, 1980.

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