Robert Plant & Led Zeppelin Manager Peter Grant’s Sexually Provocative “Bromance” Photos

Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant was a former bouncer and wrestler who stood about six feet tall and weighed well over 300 pounds.  He was known as a heavy handed manager with shrewd business tactics always in the best interest of his artist.

Peter Grant Led Zeppelin Manager Money

Being a sex symbol was not one Grant’s qualities, he was a bit sloppy with a not too attractive greasy bald head.  Check him out in the red Swan Song jacket…

Peter Grant Led Zeppelin Manager

His lack of good looks didn’t stop Robert Plant from taking these playful sexually provocative photos with Mr. Grant aboard the Led Zeppelin “Starship” in 1975.

Robert Plant Led Zeppelin Peter Grant Gay Photos

Robert Plant Peter Grant Led Zeppelin Gay Photos

Peter Grant Robert Plant Kissing

Plant has always maintained that these photos were obviously just “being silly” and “messing about” but these below were not…

Robert Plant Playing Soccer In Speedos

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