Was Paul McCartney Drunk Tweeting???

On August 27 & 28, 2013 Paul McCartney sent out series of tweets from his Official Twitter Account (@PaulMcCartney ) that seemingly made no sense at all.  Tweets like srell, lyweds, castle and potato lead a few fans to quip at Sir Paul for being drunk…

Paul McCartney Tweets 2013 New Album Clues

All this nonsense was followed by a tweet explaining it all.  On August 28, 2013 he released a new single and the name of his album “NEW”.

Paul McCartney NEW Album Logo Tweets Twitter

Now add the word “NEW” to everything he tweeted… I guess he wasn’t drunk tweeting after all.  This song is bad ass and reminds me a lot of vintage The Beatles/Wings Paul McCartney.

Brilliant Paul, too bad you didn’t leave us anymore Paul Is Dead Clues.  If you do want to see some drunk McCartney photos click below…

Paul McCartney Looking Drunk At George Harrison’s 1966 Wedding To Patti Boyd

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