George Harrison Used Image From The Beatles “Revolver” Cover For “When We Was Fab” Single

The cover art for George Harrison’s 1988 “When We Was Fab” single from his “Cloud Nine” album uses Harrison’s likeness from The BeatlesRevolver” album.  You can even see the ER at the end of REVOLVER under Harrison’s right ear.

When We Was Fab Single George Harrison Revolver Album Cover Photo

“When We Was Fab” is a song about the days of Beatlemania when The Beatles were first referred to as the “Fab Four“.  So it’s appropriate that the line drawing made by longtime Beatles associate Klaus Voormann for the 1966 “Revolver” album was used for the Harrison single.

The Beatles Revolver Album Cover When We Was Fab Single George Harrison

Voormann also made an updated line drawing of Harrison 22 years after the “Revolver” drawing for the cover.

George Harrison Line Drawing When We was Fab

The Fab Four were all pretty nostalgic about their days as Beatles.  John Lennon even used an old photo with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Stu Sutcliff for his 1975 solo album Rock N’ Roll.  Click below…

John Lennon’s Solo Album Features Paul McCartney & George Harrison On The Cover

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