Check Out These Awesome “Rock N’ Roll” Inspired Volkswagen Busses

This story began when I saw this photo of a bad ass Volkswagen Bus with The Beatles logo painted on the side.

The Beatles VW Bus Volkswagen

So I decided to search the world wide web to find some more.  Check out this awesome Led Zeppelin VW Bus.

Led Zeppelin VW Volkswagen Bus

In 2010, Roger Daltrey auctioned off his The Who VW Campervan dubbed “The Magic Bus” for his Teenage Cancer Trust charity.

The Who Magic Bus Volkswagen Bus Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey The Who VW Magic Bus Volkswagen

Taylor Hawkins has this awesome Rush VW Bus.

taylor hawkins foo fighters rush chevy metal

Finally, no Volkwagen bus story would be complete without a Grateful Dead bus.  Although it’s a bit low budget, check out this  “Dancing Bear” van inspired by The Dead.

Grateful Dead Dancing Bear VW Bus Volkswagen Van

UPDATE: July 2017 – William Tucker of Pensacola, Florida sent us this phot0 of his Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon” inspired 78 VW Bus!!! Thanks William…

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Volkswagen VW Bus

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Volkswagen VW Bus

Send us the photos if you find more…

Fact: Courtney Love Was On The Back Cover Of The Grateful Dead Album “Aoxomoxoa”

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