Fact: Led Zeppelin Was Once Presented Gold Records At A Live Sex Show

Led Zeppelin have been presented with many Gold & Platinum Records through out their illustrious career.  Most of the ceremonies take place in an office or hotel with a few members of the press in attendance snapping photos of the band and their new shiny records.  Here’s a good example, check out this photo of Led Zeppelin receiving their very first gold record with manager Peter Grant and the man that signed them, Jerry Wexler on July 22, 1969 at The Plaza Hotel in New York.

Led Zeppelin Peter Grant ahmet ertegun Gold Record

Then this happened on March 5, 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden to commemorate the sales of the “Houses Of The Holy” album.

Led Zeppelin Gold Record Live Sex Show Stockholm Sweden 1973 Chat Noir club

It is believed that Peter Grant suggested to Metronome Records, the Swedish company representing Atlantic, that they host the reception at Stockholm’s leading sex club, the Chat Noir.  During the proceedings, a naked couple performed on a small stage as the band was presented with their gold album sales awards.  Bengt H. Malmqvist one of Sweden’s leading record sleeve photographers in the 1950s and 1960s, was the only photographer invited to photograph the occasion.

Led Zeppelin Gold Record Live Sex Show Stockholm Sweden

This photo has to be one of the most bizarre Rock N’ Roll photos ever.  Here’s a close up of John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page.

John Paul Jones Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin Live Sex Show Stockholm Sweden

The full collection of photographs by Malmqvist at the Chat Noir club coincidently were put up for auction by Bonhams.  The great majority of the images are previously unseen.  Here is another photo from the presentation that’s floating around the internet.

Led Zeppelin Live Sex Show Stockholm Sweden 1973

Debauchery at it’s best.  Check out this crazy record release party The Who had for the release of  the “Squeeze Box” single.

Keith Moon & Topless Women The Who “Squeeze Box” Party

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