George Harrison Really Loved This “FRANCE” Shirt

In running, I look through thousands of photos of musicians, bands, guitars, etc, daily.  As I was going through photos of the solo years of George Harrison, I kept seeing photos of him wearing a “FRANCE” shirt pop-up.

Most of these photos look like they were taken in the 70’s.  If anyone knows the exact years, leave us a comment.

Long-Haired Mustached George with the “FRANCE” shirt…

George Harrison Circa 1972 France Shirt

The Short-Haired Bearded George once again wearing the “FRANCE” shirt.

George Harrison France Shirt The Beatles Solo Years Pooside

The “FRANCE” shirt  makes yet another appearance, this time on the Short-Haired Clean-Shaven George with friend Eric Idle of Monty Python fame…

George Harrison Black France Tee T-Shirt

Lastly, the hidden “FRANCE” shirt photo with Harrison and wife Olivia.

George Harrison Wife Olivia France Shirt

I don’t know where George picked up this cool shirt but I know where you can get an awesome high quality recreation of Harrison’s favorite FRANCE shirt.  Click link or photo below to get your own.

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George Harrison Worn Free France Tee Shirt The Beatles


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