Creepy!!! Anthony Kiedis & Liam Gallagher & Bono Take Photos With Look-A-Likes

Seeing a grown man dressing up like you, trying to look like you and getting the same tattoos as you has got to be creepy…Check out these rock stars taking photos with their look-a-likes…

Anthony Kiedis & “Some dude that wants to be him”

Anthony Kiedis With Look-A-Like Red Hot Chili Peppers

Liam Gallagher & “Some dude that wants to be him”

Liam Gallagher TCB Elvis Tattoo Oasis Beady Eye

Bono & “Some dude that wants to be him”

Bono WIth Fake Bono U2 Look Alike

This is a whole new genre I need to look into.  Any leads, send them my way…

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