feelnumb.com EXCLUSIVE: Foo Fighters Dave Grohl Acting “Super-Gay” for Taylor Hawkins

Below, I have just unearthed this hilarious Dave Grohl video from the depths of the feelnumb.com archive. The occasion was Taylor Hawkins The Birds of Satan record release party that turned into a Chevy Metal show on April 18, 2014.

The Birds of Satan Band Name Taylor Hawkins Foo Fighters

Taylor Hawkins Foo Fighters Birds of Satan Chevy Metal Party Dave Grohl

photo credits: Erik Schneider for feelnumb.com

Hawkins, Wiley Hodgden and Mick Murphy played a few Birds of Satan songs before they turned into the Hawkins super cover band Chevy Metal where they were joined on-stage by Foo Fighters Pat Smear, Nate Mendel and eventually Dave Grohl.

Pat Smear Foo Fighters Chevy Metal Birds of Satan Record Release Party 2014 Taylor Hawkins Dave Grohl

Nate Mendel Foo Fighters Chevy Metal Birds of Satan Party 2014

Dave Grohl Foo Foghters DG-335 Trini Lopez Guitar Chevy Metal Birds of Satan Lou

Now here is the aforementioned video where a “Very Gay” Grohl talks about how sexy Taylor Hawkins is and talks in detail about his “little nipples” during the intro of Van Halen “Everybody Wants Some”.

It’s obviously all in jest as the Foo Fighters released this very very gay homage to 70’s gay porn as a promo video for their 2011 North American Tour called “Hot Buns”.  Click photo or link below to vote which Foo Fighters has the hottest buns!!!

Foo Fighters Hit Buns Gay Video Taylor Hawkins Dave Grohl

Vote: Which Foo Fighter Has The Best Ass In Gay Trucker “Hot Buns” Promo Video???

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