Throwback 2005: The Groundbreaking Dave Grohl Photobomb of Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

Flashback: 2005 MTV Movie Awards June 4, 2005, Shrine Auditoriumin Los Angeles, California

The NewlywedsJessica Simpson and Nick Lachey walk the red carpet while Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters lurk behind them.  Grohl slowly creeps up…

Dave Grohl Nick Lachey Jessica Simpson Photobomb Photo Bomb 2005

And then BAMMMMM!!! The Photobomb!!!

Dave Grohl Jessica Simpson Nick Lachey Photobomb

UPDATE: March 2, 2016, Nick Lachey actually helped the Foo Fighters with their non-breaking up announcement and sang a very soulful R&B Boy Band version of “Everlong”.  Check it out…

The photobomb was good but not quite as good as this John Paul Jones Dave Grohl Led Zeppelin – Foo Fighters collaboration photobomb…

John Paul Jones Led Zeppelin Photobomb Dave Grohl Nirvana Kurt Cobain

Passed Out In A Led Zeppelin Shirt And Photobombed By John Paul Jones And Dave Grohl

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