WOW!!! Lenny Kravitz Has A Really Huge….???

This just in. The ageless Lenny Kravitz has a really huge, ridiculously huge, giant, massive, extra-large, anaconda-like monstrosity of a…..

Lenny Kravitz Huge Scarf Photo 2012 New York


Lenny Kravitz Huge Scarf

Damn it’s so HUGE!!! Fashionista Kravitz donned the ridiculously huge anaconda like scarf while walking the streets of New York in November 2012.  The sheer size of his massive scarf spawned this photoshopped, fake and hilarious extra-large version of his infamous wrap.

Lenny Kravitz Huge Scarf Photoshop Fake

Somehow, Lenny makes it work and still looks cool as hell.

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