THUMBS DOWN: Journey Re-Recorded Steve Perry’s “Greatest Hits” With New Singer For Walmart Exclusive

In an exclusive deal with Walmart, Journey released their the thirteenth studio album “Revelation” on June 3, 2008.  The album featured 10 new songs with their new Filipino lead singer Arnel Pineda.  Good for them, all bands have the right to soldier on and continue making “NEW” music with new members.

Journey Revelation Greatest Hits Rerecorded Arnel Pineda No Steve Perry

Now for the bad part. The second disc of the album is another case of a band attempting to change history.  On disc 2, Journey re-recorded some of their greatest hits replacing Steve Perry’s vocals with Pineda’s.

Journey Re-Recorded Greatest Hits Pineda Steve Perry New Singer

Check out Pineda’s Karaoke version of “Don’t Stop Believin’“.

The songs sound stupid and should have been left untouched.  Click below to read about Eddie Van Halen and Ozzy Osbourne’s attempts to change history.

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