A Digital Era Casualty: Iconic Rock N’ Roll Photography Contact Sheets

Contact prints were used to produce proof sheets from entire rolls of 35 mm negative in order to aid in the selection of images for further enlargement, and for cataloging and identification purposes.  The image on the print is exactly the same size as the image on the negative.

In the digital world this is now a lost art.  Finding the contact sheets from legendary Rock N’ Roll photo shoots has now become my newest obsession.  Check out some of my favorites.

David Bowie – Heroes

Photographer Masayoshi Sukita (1977)

David Bowie Heroes Photshoot Contact Sheet

John Lennon – New York City

Photographer – Bob Gruen (1972)


The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Photographer Gered Mankowitz (1967)

Jimi Hendrix Photo Contact Sheet

Jim Morrison – Young Lion

Photographer – Joel Brodsky (1967)

Jim Morrison The Young Lion Photoshoot Contact Sheet

John Lennon – Paul McCartney

Photographer – David Bailey (1965)

John Lennon Paul McCarney The Beatles Photo Contact Sheet

Bob Dylan – Martin Guitar Ad

Photographer – Don Hunstein (1964)

Bob Dylan Martin Guitar Ad Photo Contact Sheet

More of these to follow.

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