Ozzy Osbourne Now Resorting To Removing Bill Ward From Old Black Sabbath Photos

Whats wrong with these musicians??? Eddie Van Halen attempted to remove bassist Michael Anthony from original Van Halen album covers.  The Red Hot Chili Pepper/Rolling Stone Magazine photoshopped John Frusciante from a magazine cover.  The Rolling Stones also photoshopped bassist Bill Wyman from a b-sides album cover.  Ozzy Sharon Osbourne even went so far as to have the drums and bass re-recorded on his first two solo album to avoid paying the original musicians.

Now Black Sabbath posted this photo on their official Facebook on May 31, 2015.

Black Sabbath Bill Ward Removed From Photo

Cool photo of Ozzy, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler crossing the street right?  Now look close, do you see that smudge on the wall to the right of Ozzy? That’s Sabbath ex-drummer Bill Ward.  Here’s the unedited photo.

Black Sabbath Band Photo Remove Bill Ward

Not only is Black Sabbath attempting to change history but they didn’t even do a good job as you can still see part of Ward’s leg and foot in the photo.

Black Sabbath Photoshop Bill Ward Photo Ozzy Osbourne

I understand that it’s called the “Music BUSINESS” and there has been tons of animosity and legal wrangling between Ward and the band, but c’mon there’s no need to change history.  Shit happens. Ozzy himself was kicked out of Sabbath yet somehow continues to be in charge of their legacy.

Black Sabbath Debut Album Cover Photo Location

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