NEWSFLASH for The Huffington Post, Rolling Stone & BBC – Kurt Cobain Played Guitar Left-Handed!!!

I mess up on all the time and trust me, the moment I do everyone lets me know what an idiot I am. is a small one man operation but you’d think Rolling Stone Magazine, The Huffington Post and the BBC would have a whole staff dedicated to proof reading and making sure everything is perfect.

So why would all three of these giants in the media make the same mistake and never catch it???

NEWSFLASH!!! Kurt Cobain of Nirvana played guitar left-handed.

Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone Magazine Kurt Cobain Right Handed Photo Feelnumb

The Huffington Post

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Huffington Post Photo Right Handed


Kurt Cobain BBC Image Playing Guitar Right Handed

I’m sure the negative was reversed by mistake at some point but I can’t believe they don’t notice. Here is the real photo of Cobain playing left-handed that was taken by photographer Kevin Mazur on October 26, 1993 at MECCA Auditorium in Milwaukee, Wisconisin.

Kurt Cobain Kevin Mazur Photo Milwaukee Acoustic Guitar Yellow Cardigan

 Here’s another from the same concert from a story I did on what guitar pick Cobain used.

Kurt Cobain Nirvana Guitar Pick Dunlop Orange .60

Although he played guitar left-handed Kurt was in fact right-handed.  Check it out.

Fact: Kurt Cobain Was Actually Right-Handed

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