The Story Behind This Amazing Pink Floyd Photo of Syd Barrett & Roger Waters

Sometimes a photo strikes a chord with me and I just need to figure out everything about it.  This photoshopped early Pink Floyd photo of Syd Barrett and Roger Waters was one of those photos…

Std Barrett Roger Waters Stanhope Gardens Early Pink Floyd 1967

After some research, the photo comes from a set of press photos taken at the house where Pink Floyd began and lived in located at 39 Stanhope Garden, London.  Every member of Pink Floyd lived here at some point in the mid to late 1960’s.

Pink Floyd House 39 Stanhope Garden London

Here are some more original “not retouched” photos from the same session taken before David Gilmour officially joined the band.

Pink Floyd House 1967 Stanhope Gardens Syd Barrett Roger Waters

Syd Barrett Pink Floyd Roger Waters 1967 Stanhope Gardens

Here’s a some cool ones of the whole band.  Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Richard Wright and Nick Mason.

Pink Floyd House Syd Barrett Stanhope Gardens

Here’s the Pink Floyd photo taken on the same day that was used for press releases.

Early Pink Floyd Photos Stanhope Gardens 1967 Syd Barrett Roger Waters Nick Mason Richard Wright

Pink Floyd As A 5 Piece Band – Syd, Roger, Nick, Richard & David

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