David Lee Roth & Van Halen’s “Super Small” Security Detail

This is my favorite Van Halen photo of David Lee Roth towering over his security personnel backstage before a concert Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 19, 1982.

Van Halen Security Midget Little People Bodyguards David Lee Roth

ON some nights during Van Halen’s 1982 “Hide Your Sheep Tour” supporting the VHDiver Down” album Roth would bring one his “Bodyguards” on stage to share a swig of Jack Daniels.

David Lee Roth Van Halen Midget Security Guards

Here’s the video…

What’s up with little people and rock stars drinking???  Check out Michael Jackson getting freaky and drinking vodka out of the bottle with two female midgets on his lap…

WTF??? Michael Jackson Chugging Vodka With Two Midget Girls On His Lap

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