Paul McCartney: Smoking Weed, Shooting Guns, Getting Drunk & Getting Arrested

Paul McCartney has always been labeled the innocent, most lovable and caring member of The Beatles.  Although Macca has always been a sucker for a good love song the dude is actually the most “Gangsta As Fuck” member of the fab four.

Here are some examples of Paul being Gangsta AF!!! Check out Paul blazing up some weed…

Paul McCartney Smoking Weed Pot Marijuana Getting High

Paul has even smoked weed with his wife and daughter right next to him.

Paul McCartney Linda James Son Smoking Marijuana Pot

Look at McCartney making like a member of N.W.A., holding a gun in the studio as he records the song “Oh Woman, Oh Why” in 1971.

Paul McCartney Shooting Gun Smoking Weed Getting Arrested

Paul McCartney Shooting Weed Shooting Guns Getting Arrested Drunk

Here’s a young McCartney drunk off his ass at the George Harrison wedding to Patti Boyd.

Paul McCartney Drunk George Harrison Patti Boyd Wedding 1966

Paul McCartney Drunk George Harrison Wedding Patti Boyd 1966

Paul had been busted for weed 3 previous times before actually getting arrested in 1980 for attempting to enter the country of Japan with a huge bag of weed.  He spent 9 days in Tokyo jail cell for the drug offense. Check out Macca in cuffs…

Paul McCartney Arrest Japan 1980 Marijuana

He also doesn’t give a shit about what you think…

Paul McCartney Flipping The Bird

Stay Gangsta Paul!!!

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