The Infamous Prince Mugshot After Mississippi Arrest In 1980

Check out the infamous Prince mugshot from his temporary arrest in Jackson, Mississippi on March 29, 1980.  Prince and keyboardist Dr. Fink were detained for stealing a megaphone from an airplane.

Prince Mugshot 1980 Jackson Mississippi Arrest

While on tour in 1980 opening up for Rick James, Fink had suggested to Prince that they should get a police megaphone as a stage prop.  The next day, the band boarded a plane and coincidently, Fink noticed the plane had an emergency bullhorn in an overhead bin. He pointed it out to Prince, who then convinced him to put it in his bag since he didn’t have a carry on. A lady sitting behind Prince notified the flight attendant of the theft while the plane was still on the tarmac.  Fink explained,

“The next thing we know, the pilot comes out and announces, ‘It has come to our attention someone has removed some emergency equipment from the airplane, which is a federal offense ”

Sky Marshals conducted a search and found it on Fink and in a stand up move, Prince voluntarily went to jail with him. They were arrested and sent to a local joint, but it turned into a big meet and greet and Prince ended up posing for pictures and signing autographs in jail.

Prince Megaphone Bullhorn Arrest Mugshot Mississippi 1980

Not that gangsta of an arrest but still an ultimate classic rock n’ roll mugshot from Prince.

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