This Is Not An Elvis Presley Mugshot

This cool photo of Elvis Presley has made the rounds for years as an Elvis mugshot.

Elvis Presley Mugshot Denver Police

The infamous photo was taken on November 17, 1970 in Denver Colorado where Elvis was in town collecting an honorary Police badge for donating to the construction of a gym.  Elvis was not arrested but rather taking a photo for his badge.  Here is Presley on that same day with Denver Police Chief George L. Seaton.

Elvis Presley Mugshot

Check out “The King” holding court in the middle of the Police Department.

Elvis Presley Mugshot Denver Police Badge 1970 Mug

The mugshot theory is cool but Elvis was pretty much untouchable at that time and I doubt if he would have ever been arrested.  Jim Morrison on the other hand was not untouchable and has a bunch of mugshots.  Check them out below…

List Of Jim Morrison’s Six Arrests & Mug Shots

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