August 31, 1971: John Lennon’s Last Day In His Native England

In 1971, in order to escape the acrimony of The Beatles breakup and the hostility of the London press Yoko Ono suggested to John Lennon that they permanently move to New York.  Lennon and Ono did just that and left England for New York on August 31, 1971.  Little did Lennon know that he would never return to his homeland.

John Lennon Yoko Ono Last Day In England Move To New York August 31, 1971

John and Yoko arrived in New York and stayed at the St. Regis Hotel.  A couple weeks later on  September 10, 1971, they recorded two demos at the St. Regis that would later appear on the “Sometime in New York City” album.  A month later Lennon and Ono were promoting the opening of Yoko’s art exhibition “This Is Not Here” which ran from October 9th-27th, 1971.

John Lennon Last Day In England New York August 31, 1971

The coupled quickly settled in to the New York scene, gave birth to their only child together Sean Ono Lennon (1975) and recorded several albums. They eventually moved to The Dakota Building where sadly Lennon would be murdered in front of 9 years after their move to NYC.

John Lennon New York City Apartment The Dakota Location

The Dakota: John Lennon’s New York City Apartment Building From Outside

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