George Harrison Wearing a Tom Scott “New York Connection” Shirt

I came across the really cool candid photos of George Harrison and his wife Olivia enjoying some vacation time on a boat in sometime in 1975.

George Harrison Tom Scott Shirt Olivia Boat 1974

The first thing I noticed is the shirt Harrison is wearing.  Here’s another photo of George on the boat from the same day.

George Harrison Tom Scott A New York Connection 1974

The shirt Harrison is sporting is from saxophonist Tom Scott’s album “New York Connection” released in December 1975.

Tom Scott New York Connection George Harrison

Scott played on 3 of Harrison’s LP’s, Dark Horse, Extra Texture and Thirty-Three & 1/3 and also toured with him. Harrison guests on Scott track “Appolonia (Foxtrata)” from the New York Connection album playing slide guitar.

George Harrison Tom Scott Saxophone WIngs

The song was recorded during Harrison’s Extra Texture sessions.  Check out Harrison’s recognizable slide guitar work.

Scott also played saxophone for the other members of The Beatles as well.  He played on 2 of Ringo Starr’s solo albums and most notably he played the soprano sax solo and fills on Paul McCartney & Wings 1975 No. 1 hit single “Listen to What the Man Said” on the LP Venus And Mars.  Tom’s “Listen to What the Man Said” solo was apparently done in 1 take.

I found our all this information because of a cool shirt George Harrison was wearing.

George Harrison Really Loved This “FRANCE” Shirt

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