One Degree of Separation: Just One Of The Guys (1985 Movie) Ironic Bruce Springsteen Tie-In

Just One of the Guys is a 1985 comedy film, staring actress Joyce Hyser, who after failing to get her dream job as a newspaper intern comes to the conclusion that she didn’t get the gig because she is a girl.  That’s when she decides to disguise herself as a boy in high school.

Joyce Hyser Just One of The Boys Bruce Springsteen Poster

Here’s a screenshot of the opening scene that shows Hyser playing “Terri Griffith” in her bedroom with posters of Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie on her wall.
Just One of The Boys Joyce Hyser Bruce Springsteen Poster

In 1985 it wouldn’t have been too uncommon for a high school girl to have posters of Springsteen & Bowie hanging in their bedroom.  For Hyser having the poster behind her must have made her feel strange or was an inside jab at “The Boss” whom she dated for a few years in the early 1980’s.

Joyce Hyser Bruce Springsteen Just One of The Boys Paris Boyfriend

Springsteen saw Hyser at a party in Los Angeles during his 1978 tour. He asked Gary Busey to introduce them and she traveled ended up with him on the rest of the tour.  Some reports have them dating up until 1984 when the movie was filmed.  Here’s a cute photo of them on Christmas Day of 1981…

Bruce Springsteen Girlfriend Joyce Hyser Just One of The Boys 1985

Springsteen married actress Julianne Phillips in May of 1985 a month after “Just One of the Guys” was released.  “The Boss” never dated Courtney Cox but the flirting in the “Dancing in the Dark” video did indeed catapult her career into super stardom.

Courtney Cox Cameo In Bruce Springsteen “Dancing In The Dark” Video

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