Skateboard E – N.W.A. Gangsta Eazy-E Skating Venice Beach 1989

Every once in awhile a simple random photo blows me away.  Check out this awesome photo of Eazy-E in the midst of N.W.A. fame not being very “gangsta” and skateboarding Venice Beach 1989.

Eazy-E Skateboard Venice Beach 1989 N.W.A. Gangsta Skating

Looks like Eazy just like everyone else in Los Angeles at the time was caught up in the skateboard craze!!!

Eazy-E Skateboarding Skateboard N.W.A. Boarding

Pharrell uses his childhood nickname “Skateboard P” but looks like Eazy-E was “Skateboard E” way before!!! These photos inspired this meme.

Eazy-E Skateboard N.W.A. Skateboarding Venice Beach 1989 Skateboard

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