The World We Live In: Paul McCartney, Taylor Hawkins & Beck Not “VIP Enough” For Tyga Post-Grammy Party

After the 2016 Grammy Awards Paul McCartney of The Beatles & Wings, Beck and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters went to a post Grammy Awards party hosted by rapper named Tyga Jenner-Kardashian at the Argyle in Hollywood, California.  They were denied entrance because it was a VIP only party.

After being denied, McCartney calmly said,

“How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit.”

Paul McCartney Beck Taylor Hawkins Tyga Foo Fighters The Beatles Grammy Party

Sadly, this is the world we now live in.  When Kanye West released a few songs with McCartney in 2014 & 2015 these were some of the tweets from the Kanye West fans that we share this planet Earth with.  I will never forget these:

Kanye West Paul McCartney Tweets

Who is this Paul McCartney???

Kanye West Fans Reaction Paul McCartney Twitter Tweets

Why do people love Paul McCartney?

Paul McCartney The Beatles Kanye West Fans Twitter Tweets

Kanye is about to give this Paul McCartney a career?

Who is Paul McCartney? Kanye West Fans Tweet Twitter

Kanye shinning light on unknown artists like Paul McCartney?

Kanye West Fas Tweet About Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney about to blow up thanks to Kanye!!!

Back to Tyga who has only ever won is the prestigious MuchVIBE Hip-Hop Video of the Year Award. Why was he hosting a Grammy Party anyway?  After being ripped to shreds on twitter Mr. Jenner-Kardashian took to offical Twitter account to respond,

Tyga Paul McCartney Grammy Party Taylor Hawkins Foo Fighters Beck

I can’t even….

UPDATE: Tyga explains on Jimmy Kimmel:

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