Amazing Different Angle of Iconic 1973 Led Zeppelin Starship Photo

This is arguably the most famous photo ever taken of Led Zeppelin. It was taken by photographer Bob Gruen on July 24, 1973 in New York shortly before Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham get on “The Starship” on the way to a concert in at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

At the time, this legendary photo of Led Zeppelin standing in front of their own “Led Zeppelin Airplane” single-handedly helped make the band seem bigger than life.

Led Zeppelin Starship Airplane Bob Gruen

Gruen said Robert Plant asked him to snap a few unplanned photos of Zeppelin in front of the airplane before take-off for memories. A few different photos of the band were taken from the same angle that day but I just came across a screen grab of a different angle of the now iconic photo taken from a 8mm promo film shot that day.  Here is a side angle of the exact moment the famous photo was snapped.

Led Zeppelin Airplane Starship Photo Bob Gruen Film Footage 1973 New York

My buddy and Led Zeppelin expert Darryl Alber of (@hkcollectibles) sent me this GIF of the exact moment the photo was taken.

Led Zeppelin Airport Airplane Photo Bob Gruen

I also came across this one of Plant & Bonham taken aboard “The Starship” after the famous airplane photo was taken.

Led Zeppelin Robert Plant John Bonham Starship Ariplane Famous Photo

Here’s a great clip of Gruen talking about the unplanned Led Zeppelin airplane photo.

For more details on “The Starship” click the link below.

The Led Zeppelin Airplane “The Starship”

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