The Clash “The Guns of Brixton” Switch Up!!! Joe Strummer on Bass, Paul Simonon on Guitar

Some of my favorite photos of The Clash look just like this…

The Clash "The Guns of Brixton" Live Instrument Change Strummer on Bass Simonon Guitar

It’s very subtle, but whenever The Clash performed the song “The Guns of Brixton“, Paul Simonon would switch instruments with Joe Strummer (Simonon on rhythm guitar and Strummer on bass) because Simonon was unable to play the bassline whilst singing lead vocals at the same time. This made for some great photos of Strummer playing some iconic Simonon bass guitars…

Above he is playing Simonon’s famous etched “Paul” Fender P-Bass.

Joe Strummer Paul Bass Simonon Fender P Bass Guns of Brixton

In this photo Strummer is playing the “Airborne Sticker” Fender P-Bass…

Joe Strummer The Clash Bass Guns of Brixton Airborne Paul Simonon

And finally here is Strummer playing the legendary  “Pressure” Fender P-Bass that was smashed on the “London Calling” album cover.

Joe Strummer Pressure Fender Bass Guitar Paul Simonon Guns of Brixton

On the studio version of “The Guns of Brixton” they play their normal instruments with Simonon playing bass and Strummer playing rhythm guitar. Check out the cool switch-up when they played “The Guns of Brixton” live on a US television show called ‘Fridays’.

Simonon still plays the etched “Paul” bass when he performs with The Gorillaz.  Check out this photo with him with Damon Albarn and the famous bass.

Damon Albarn The Gorillaz Paul Simonon Etched Paul Bass Joe Strummer The Clash Guns of Brixton

The Clash “London Calling” Paul Simonon Bass Smashing Album Cover Photo

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