Noel Gallagher’s Daughter Anais Recreates Oasis “Definitely Maybe” Album Cover

I recently took my teenage daughter M (that’s her real name) to a Muse Drones Tour” concert in Los Angeles.  That night Muse became the best band I have ever seen live and I was also reminded how bad ass my daughter is. On our way home I asked M a simple question…

Raúl: Name a cooler dad then me?

M: Paul McCartney

Raúl: Besides him.

M: Noel Gallagher

Two of my favorites!!! The awesome thing is that it looks like Gallagher’s daughter Anaïs (born in 2000 just like M) thinks her dad is pretty cool too.  Check out this photo of Anaïs literally standing in her dad’s footsteps, by recreating the back cover photo of the Oasis debut album “Definitely Maybe“.

Noel Daughter Anais Gallagher Definitely Maybe Album Cover Chasing The Sun Album Cover

Here’s the famous back cover of the Oasis album with her daddy Noel holding the globe and of course her uncle Liam Gallagher laying on the floor.

Oasis Definitely Maybe Back Album Cover Noel Gallagher Daughter Chasing The Sun Recreation

This picture of Anais wasn’t a photoshop trick or a green screen but rather an exhibition dedicated to Oasis that took place in London called Chasing the Sun: Oasis 1993–1997.  The exhibition featured this “Definitely Maybe” album cover set that allowed fans to recreate the album cover photo.

Oasis Chasing The Sun Exhibition Noel Gallagher daughter Anais Gallagher Definitely Maybe Set

I also randomly came across another Gallagher offspring, Molly Moorish-Gallagher, teenage daughter of Liam standing in Uncle Noel’s shoes as well.

Molly Moorish Gallagher Liam Daughter Definitely Maybe Album Cover Oasis

In other Rock N’ Roll daughter news: Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain loves Oasis more than Nirvana or Hole.

Click below to read that story.

Frances Bean Cobain Noel Gallagher Oasis Nirvana 2015 Kurt Orpheum Theatre

Frances Bean Cobain’s Favorite Band Is…Oasis!!!

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