Paul McCartney’s Famous 1964 Photobombing The Beatles George Harrison

Chalk this up to possibly another thing invented by The Beatles. The photobomb!!! Check out this awesome photo of Paul McCartney photobombing bandmate George Harrison and some female fans in 1964 at the height of Beatlemania…

Paul McCartney Photobombing Photobomb George Harrison The Beatles 1964

There’s even a second McCartney photobomb on record that day.  So the photos were either taken in succession or Paul’s photobombing of George was planned.

Paul McCartney Photobomb The Beatles George Harrison 1964 Photobombing

Here’s an interview of McCartney with Jimmy Fallon where he jokingly claims he invented “The Photobomb”. Fast forward to 8:10. has done quite a few of these photobomb stories. Kurt Cobain & The Urinal photobomb, Dave Grohl bombing Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, but this one below is by far the most popular. Click image or link below to get the funny details behind it…

John Paul Jones Led Zeppelin Photobomb Dave Grohl Nirvana Kurt Cobain

Passed Out In A Led Zeppelin Shirt And Photobombed By John Paul Jones And Dave Grohl

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