John Lennon’s Hidden Photobomb in The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” Photo

Check out these cool promotional photos of The Beatles taken in 1967 for The Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” movie.

The Beatles Playing Soccer Photobomb John Lennon

These rare photos show Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison as they were filmed and photographed playing soccer in a backyard setting.

The Beatles Playing Soccer John Lennon Photobomb Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles John Lennon Soccer Photobomb Magical Mystery Tour 1967

You probably wondering why John Lennon isn’t in these photos???  If you look really really close Lennon is indeed there.  He’s just dropping a sweet photobomb on The Beatles from the woods holding a white viola cello with a huge sunflower around his neck.

The Beatles John Lennon Photobomb Magical Mystery Tour

I love it!!! McCartney once dropped a really awesome photobomb on George Harrison and some fans.  Click the photo to link below for that story.

Paul McCartney Photobombing Photobomb George Harrison The Beatles 1964

Paul McCartney’s Famous 1964 Photobombing The Beatles George Harrison

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