feelnumb.com EXCLUSIVE: Foo Fighters MTV “Moonman” Award Used As Toilet Paper Holder at Studio 606

The Foo Fighters have been nominated for 17 MTV Music Video Awards but have only won the coveted “Moonman” trophy twice.  In 1996, they won Best Group for “Big Me” and in 2011 they won Best Rock Video  for “Walk”.

Here’s Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Chris Shifflett and Pat Smear in 2011 proudly accepting the award for “Walk”.

Foo Fighters MTV Video Award Moon Man Toilet Studio 606

In case you ever wonder where these awards end up lets first use a quote by drummer Taylor Hawkins when asked about losing an award to Thirty Seconds to Mars.  Hawkins said:

“I don’t care man, I make a living playing rock’n’roll. I’m not going to complain about anything, I mean, those awards are nice, but they don’t fucking mean shit.”

On a recent visit to the Foo Fighters Studio 606 in San Fernando Valley, California I quickly realized Hawkins and the Foo’s really don’t give a crap!!!  Look where one of the “Moonman” awards ended up.

Foo Fighters Studio 606 Dave Grohl MTV Moonman Award Bathroom Toilet Paper Raul Rossell feelnumb.com

photo credit: Raul Rossell for feelnumb.com

The award has become the most beautiful historic toilet paper holder in the world!!!

Dave Grohl Studio 606 Foo Fighters MTV Award Bathroom Toilet Paper feelnumb.com Raul Rossell

The Foo Fighters and Grohl’s previous band Nirvana always have always found a cool way to never take themselves too seriously.  The award in the bathroom I’m sure isn’t a sign of disrespect towards MTV but rather a funny and awesome way to share it with visitors!!!

Click link or photo below to watch the funny video that won them their prized bathroom accessory…

Dave Grohl Michael Douglas Falling Down Foo FIghters Walk Video

Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters Like To Make Fun Of Coldplay

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