feelnumb.com EXCLUSIVE: Sebastian Bach Covers Cheap Trick & Rush with Taylor Hawkins and Chevy Metal

I roll hard with my Chevy Metal Foo Fighters crew. Here’s a photo I took backstage of Wiley Hodgden, Sebastian Bach, Taylor Hawkins and Brent Woods backstage at a private corporate gig for Hyundai Motors on November 16, 2016 at The NOVO Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Sebastian Bach Taylor Hawkins Wiley Hodgden Chevy Metal Skid Rown Foo Fighters feelnumb.com

photo by: Raul Rossell of feelnumb.com

Chevy Metal is the ultimate side-project cover band founded by Hawkins of the Foo Fighters along with bassist Hodgden.  They play a bunch of dirt rock covers from bands like Van Halen, Faces, Mountain, The Rolling Stones and much much more.  They usually have a string of guest appearances at their gigs and on this night momentous night they had Sebastian Bach join them on stage along with Chevy Metal part-time guitarist and Bach’s full-time guitarist Brent Woods.

Check out a few of the covers I recorded from the side-stage of Bach killing it!!!

Sebastian Bach & Chevy Metal cover Cheap Trick “Surrender”

Sebastian Bach & Chevy Metal cover Rush “Tom Sawyer”

Bach played a few Skid Row tunes and also covered Jane’s Addiction “Mountain Song”.

Here’s a backstage selfie of myself with my friend “The Hawk”.

Taylor Hawkins Foo Fighters Raul Rossell feelnumb.com

Click photo or link below to check out some of Chevy Metal’s top guest spots!!! Yeah, that is Mick Jagger!!!

Chevy Metal Mick Jagger Dave Grohl Taylor Hawkins Foo Fighters WIley Hodgden

“THE ULTIMATE COVER BAND” Chevy Metal & Their Top 5 Guest Appearances

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