VH HISTORY!!! The Pasadena VAN HALEN Sidewalk Scrawl from 1976

My friends from Delta Bravo Urban Exploration Team posted this Van Halen sidewalk scrawl that dates back to 1976 a few blocks away from Alex & Eddie Van Halen’s childhood home in Pasadena, California.

The boys wrote their last name in the concrete a full two years before their debut album was released and before their band was even called Van Halen.  With the lead from the Delta Bravo Crew, I headed down to the spot on the north west corner of Allen Avenue & East Villa Street down the street from their home at 1881 Las Lunas St, Pasadena, CA 91107.  It was in the shed behind this house that Eddie & Alex played music and started their band.

Alex & Eddie Van Halen Childhood Home Pasadena California

Van Halen Home Photo: @bill__x Delta Bravo

Apparently the guys would frequent the liquor store on the corner and happened to walk by some wet cement.   I dug little deeper and confirmed the scrawl is indeed from the Van Halen brothers.  Van Halen published a full color, glossy fan magazine called “The Inside” from 1995-2000 where in one of the issue they confirmed this was actually written by them with most people agreeing that it was Eddie.

Van Halen The Inside Magazine Cement Scrawl Pasadena California House

Van Halen “The Inside” Magazine Issue #17

Here’s a photo I took on February 11, 2017 and you can see the historic VAN HALEN is still there.

Alex & Eddie Van Halen Cement Scrawl Pasadena California Childhood Home 1976

I also noticed that it appeared the boys attempted to write their names in the concrete twice.

Alex & Eddie Van Halen Cement Scrawl Pasadena California Childhood Home 1976

I love this kind of random stuff and a big thanks to the DELTA BRAVO URBAN EXPLORATION TEAM, be sure to follow them on Facebook!!!  Click link of photo below to check out the feelnumb.com EXCLUSIVE of Eddie Van Halen driving his priceless Lamborghini used in the VH classic “Panama”!!!

Eddie Van Halen 1971 Lamborghini Miura Panama Car 2016 feelnumb.com

feelnumb.com EXCLUSIVE: Photo of Eddie Van Halen in the 1972 Lamborghini Used in “Panama”

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