COINCIDENCE?? The Best Drummers of All-Time Moon & Bonzo Wearing The Same Snoopy Shirt

As a former owner of a vintage tee-shirt store I am always quick to notice a good rock star t-shirt.  Back in 2012 I posted this cool story about The Who’s Keith Moon and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour randomly wearing the same Dallas Cowboys 56 t-shirt.

David Gilmour Keith Moon Same Dallas Cowboys 56 Shirt

A reader then lead me on to an even cooler same shirt combo.  This time it happens to be “in my opinion” the two best Rock N’ Roll drummers of all-time, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin and the aforementioned Keith Moon wearing the same Snoopy Peanuts Sweatshirt!!!

John Bonham Led Zeppelin Keith Moon Snoopy Peanuts Shirt Best Rock N' Roll Drummers

The Moon Snoopy Photo” was taken in 1967 at the Drake Hotel, NYC, ’67 by photographer Linda McCartney.

Keith Moon Snoopy Shirt John Bonham Led Zeppelin Peanuts Best Rock Drummers

Photo Credit: Drake Hotel, NYC, ’67 by Linda McCartney

The Bonham Snoopy Photo” was taken three years later in January of 1970 in Leeds, England by photographer John Rettie.

John Bonham Leeds Snoppy Led Zeppelin John Rettie

Photo Credit: Led Zeppelin Leeds by John Rettie (1970)

Pretty awesome to see these two legends wearing the same Charles M. Schulz Peanuts shirt!!! Click photo or link below to check out some cool photos of Bonzo & Moon hanging out.

John Bonham Keith Moon Roy Harper And Friends Concert 1974

The Two Best Rock N’ Roll Drummers Together: John Bonham & Keith Moon

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