INXS “Kick” Album Cover Skateboard Details

INXS released their fourth album “Kick” on October 26, 1987.  The cover photo was shot by Grant Matthews and shows the band featuring Michael Hutchence in different poses.  Here is the album cover photo as well as the complete foldout version of the photo.


INXS Kick Full Album Cover Photo Vision Skateboard PsychoStick

Kick” is the best-selling INXS of album all-time with well over 20 million records sold but what stood out to me as a kid growing up in Los Angeles, was the skateboard used on the album cover.  It was one of Vision Street Wear‘s most iconic skateboards known as the “PsychoStick”.  I freaking had one of these and it was stolen!!!

Vision Skateboards PsychoStick INXS Kick Album Cover

Here’s another photo taken from the shoot of Hutchence on the actual skateboard.

INXS Michael Hutchence Vision Skatebaord Kick Album Cover Photoshoot

The board was also pictured in the inner artwork.

INXS Kick Skateboard Michael Hutchence

The legendary deck was designed by Los Angeles-based artist Andy Takakjian and remained in production at Vision for over twenty-five years.  Here’s the artist and his famous board.

Andy Takakjian Vision Skateboard Psycho Stick INXS Kick Album Cover

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