THE MAIN EVENT: The Epic Battle for Daxx Nielsen Cheap Trick Drum Stick

Look at this photo of Cheap Trick drummer Daxx Nielsen tossing his drumstick to a fan at San Francisco’s Bluegrass Festival on October 8, 2017.

Cheap Trick Drummer Dax Nielsen Live Robin Zander Rick

You would never think this simple act of rock n’ roll kindness would turn into a WWE Main Event but thats exactly what happened between two fans.  The event was not captured on video but you can see all the photos of the battle in all it’s pathetic glory below…

The battle for the stick even prompted a response from Nielsen on his official Instagram account (@cheaptrickdaxx) when the man who took the photos sent him a message.

According to the photographer @genegruno neither of “the jokers” ended up with the stick as it was confiscated by security. They may not have the stick as a memento but their epic battle for biggest concert loser lives on forever here on!!!

Cheap Trick Drummer Daxx Nielsen Drum Sticks 2017

Cheap Trick Daxx Nielsen Drum Stick Fight

In other LOSER news…

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