CONFIRMED: Pat Smear of Foo Fighters Did Appear in the Prince “Raspberry Beret” Music Video

It has long been rumored that Pat Smear, the legendary punk rock guitarist from the bands The Germs, Nirvana & Foo Fighters was an extra in the 1985 Prince “Raspberry Beret” music video.

Pat Smear Foo Fighters Prince Raspberry Beret Music Video Germs Nirvana

After I finally had a chance to speak to Smear backstage at a gig about the rumor, he 100% confirmed to me that he was indeed in the video and shared some stories with me about how it all happened.

Pat Smear Foo Fighters Prince Raspberry Beret Music Video The Germs

Smear told me that he and his punk rock friends were mostly unemployed in the 80’s and a friend who was a casting director would book them paid background “extra” work on different movies and TV shows.  On this particular casting call, Smear walked into SIR Los Angeles, Hollywood, CA, to do his background thing not knowing that there was a little dance routine people had to learn for the video.

“Since I have two left feet and can’t dance, I assumed I wasn’t going to be picked for the video. As I was walking out one of Prince’s people stopped me and told me that Prince liked my look and wanted to me to sit next to the drum set” – Pat Smear

Pat Smear Prince Raspberry Beret Music Video Foo Fighters Germs Nirvana

I asked Smear if Prince had any idea that he was formerly the guitarist in The Germs and Smear said no because he wasn’t allowed to talk to him. As a matter of fact, Smear told me that even though he was virtually next to Prince during the video if Prince needed him to move or do something different during a take he would say something to his assistant and the assistant would then give Smear instructions on what to do.

Watch the video and enjoy…

After I wrapped up my conversation with Smear he told me he had to sign an Non-Disclosure agreement but that I could go ahead and write whatever I wanted because it’s been so long and he didn’t care.

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