Jimmy Page’s Hidden Sexual Message At The Led Zeppelin 2012 O2 Arena Reunion Concert

After almost 30 years, Led Zeppelin famously performed their first full-length concert since the death of their drummer John Bonham at the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert on December 10, 2007.  It was only the second time that Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones had taken the stage together since the infamous Live Aid concert in 1985 in which they only performed 3 songs.

Led Zeppelin Live Aid 2012 London 02 Arena Jimmy Page Orange Amp

The historic one-off reunion at The O2 Arena in London with John Bonham’s son Jason Bonham on drums, was released on all formats including DVD in November of 2012.

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day 2012 London 02 Arena Jimmy Page Orange Amp

I saw something funny that caught me by surprise while watching the reunion show of 2007.  It reminded me of a story I wrote about the band displaying their Led Zeppelin IV “ZOSO” symbols on their gear during a tour in 1971.  Check out Page’s ZOSO amp.

Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page ZOSO Logo On Amplifier

For the reunion show, I noticed Page altered his Orange Guitar Amplifier Heads to make a cheeky sexual connotation.  Check out the amp behind him in this screenshot.

Jimmy Page 02 Arena 2012 Led Zeppelin Orange Orge Amp

Here’s a closer shot of his amps…

Jimmy Page ORGE Orange Amplifier ORGY Led Zeppelin

Was Page just being a “Dirty Old Man” by wiping out the “AN” in ORANGE and changing it to ORGE (ORGY)?  The answer is yes and no.  The actual reason for the change was some behind the scenes sponsorship and branding drama.  Orange (no relation to Orange Amplification) is the brand of one of the main mobile phone networks in the United Kingdom. O2, the official sponsor of the O2 Arena is also a mobile phone operator and one of Orange’s largest competitors in the business.

Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin Orange Amplification ORGE Name Change

O2 did not want the name of it’s biggest competitor, Orange featured onstage at the most high profile concert ever staged there.  So Page, being the jokester he is, changed it to ORGE instead of leaving it blank.  Here’s what the normal Jimmy Page Orange Amp Head looks like.

Jimmy Page Orange Amplifier Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin IV “ZOSO” Symbol Meanings

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