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Best Portrayal Of A Musician: Val Kilmer As Jim Morrison Or Gary Busey As Buddy Holly?

In my opinion these are the two best performances by an Actor portraying a Musician. They both make you forget that they are actually acting and that they actually are not Jim Morrison or Buddy Holly. They did an amazing job looking and and acting like the person they are portraying. Let us know who you think did a better job…

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Haunted Pool Room The Rave/Eagles Club Ballroom Milwaukee Wisconsin

Haunted: The Rave/Eagles Ballroom In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This venue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is haunted. The building is divided into six separate venues, The Eagles Ballroom, The Rave Hall, The Eagles Hall, The Rave Bar, The Rave Viberoom, The Penthouse Lounge & The Eagles Club. In various rooms of the club, bands have heard a presence or seen an entity watching them play usually during rehearsal, or when not many people are around.

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Buddy Holly Apartment The Brevoort 11 Fifth Avenue 4H new york

Buddy Holly’s New York City Apartment Building

Buddy Holly had a very busy end to the year 1958. He married his wife Maria Elena in August and officially moved to New York in September. He then fired his manager and then officially left his band “The Crickets” in December. The newlyweds settled in at The Brevoort Apartment 11 Fifth Avenue Apt. 4H, New York, New York.

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Raul Rossell II Website Lemon Rags Los Angeles California

Welcome To From Raul

I am Raul Rossell II, born and raised in Los Angeles, California and founder of I’m not trying to be a Rock Star, I just write about them…

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