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Michael Jackson Beat It Santeria Holy Infant of Atocha Santo Nino

Michael Jackson “Beat It” Video Hidden Santeria Message

Is it a coincidence or was it placed there on purpose but in the Michael Jackson’s video for “Beat It” there is a picture frame prominently placed above his bed. It was always rumored that Jackson​ was heavily involved in the occult and or santeria. Coincidently, the photo above his bed is “The Holy Infant of Atocha” a saint that is heavily associated in Santeria.

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Q. Why Was Michael Jackson Sleeping In A Hyperbaric Chamber Such A Big Deal???

I recently saw an episode of the boxing show 24/7 that showed boxer Sergio Martinez climbing into a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber during his training to help his body recover quicker and to keep him feeling younger. Swimmer Michael Phelps apparently uses a similar chamber, as do Tiger Woods and Tim Tebow. It got me thinking, why was it such a big deal in 1986 when these photos appeared in The National Enquirer showing Michael Jackson sleeping in a Hyperbaric Chamber???

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