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Queen’s Roger Taylor Broke Royal Mail Rules By Appearring On The Freddie Mercury Millennium Stamp

In 1999, The Royal Mail produced this controversial Freddie Mercury Millennium Stamp as part of a “Great Britons” issue.
The controversy stems from the fact that Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor appears in the background of the stamp. This is an unprecedented occurrence, since the only living people the Royal Mail is supposed to depict are members of the royal family. It must have slipped past the Queen as a spokesman for the Royal Mail said, ”every stamp is approved by the queen, including this one.”

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Freddie Mercury’s Partner Jim Hutton Died January 1, 2010

Jim Hutton, Freddie Mercury’s partner died on New Year’s Day 2010 from a smoking related illness at sixty years old.  Although he had AIDS, Hutton did not pass away from AIDS related complications.   Jim and Freddie met at a club in 1984 when Mercury offered to buy him a drink and Hutton politely turned him down. He […]

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Larry Lurex aka Freddie Mercury aka Queen???

Larry Lurex was the artist name used for a musical project by Trident Studios’ house engineer Robin Geoffrey Cable, in 1972. Cable was experimenting with re-creating the “Wall of Sound” style favored by Phil Spector and enlisted singer Freddie Mercury from the band Queen to perform lead vocals on these tracks. (Queen was recording their […]

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