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Outkast Andre 3000 & Lukas Haas Connection???

Never understood this connection, but here is Outkast’s, Andre 3000 with actor Lukas Haas, who has performed with Andre 3000 in his “The Love Below Band”…   Here is Lukas performing on stage with Outkast on the David Letterman show… And he is even in the Outkast video for “Roses“… Cool combination and pretty bad ass.  I […]

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Dr. Dre Was Shocked When Axl Rose Wore N.W.A. Hat In Video

Dr. Dre realized his former band N.W.A. had made it big when he saw Axl Rose wearing a hat with the group’s logo on it in the Guns N’ Roses 1991 promo video for the song “You Could Be Mine” and also in the video for “Live and Let Die”. Dre couldn’t believe it because he and his bandmates were still struggling to make a living and had no idea their music had a white audience.

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Raul Rossell II Website Lemon Rags Los Angeles California

Welcome To From Raul

I am Raul Rossell II, born and raised in Los Angeles, California and founder of I’m not trying to be a Rock Star, I just write about them…

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