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“THE ULTIMATE COVER BAND” Chevy Metal & Their Top 5 Guest Appearances

Chevy Metal: Covering classic rock deep cuts from Van Halen, The Stones, Tom Petty & Billy Joel the band have jammed on-stage with every member of the Foo Fighters and Jane’s Addiction as well as members of The Police, Motley Crue, Sex Pistols, Cheap Trick & Red Hot Chili Peppers just to name a few.

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I'm Alive She's Dead I'm Yours Nancy Malcolm McClaren Sid Vicious Shirt

The Tacky Shirt Malcolm McClaren Made After Sid Vicious “Allegedly” Killed His Girlfriend

Nancy Spungen groupie – stripper – prostitute at the age of 17 moved to London where she met Sex Pistols Sid Vicious leading to a drug fueled 23-month tumultuous relationship that ended in both of their deaths. Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McClaren who printed up these shirts and sold them at his King’s Road boutique named “Sex” with this classy slogan, ‘I’m Alive, She’s Dead, I’m Yours”

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Raul Rossell II Website Lemon Rags Los Angeles California

Welcome To From Raul

I am Raul Rossell II, born and raised in Los Angeles, California and founder of I’m not trying to be a Rock Star, I just write about them…

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