Forever 27 Club Membership Date: Brian Jones & Jim Morrison – July 3

Two prominent members of the infamous “Forever 27 Club” both passed away on the same day two years apart.

Forever 27 Club Jim Morrison Brian Jones July 3

Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones drowned in this pool below on July 3, 1969.  Click photo or link to read about his death.

Brian Jones Drowned July 3, 1960 Rolling Stones Forever 27 Club

The Pool That The Rolling Stones Brian Jones Drowned In

Jim Morrison of The Doors died in this bathtub below two years later on July 3, 1971. Click photo or link to read about his death.

Jim Morrison Death Location Bath Tub The Doors Paris France

Jim Morrison Died Here: 17 Rue Beautreillis In Paris, France On July 3, 1971

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