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The White Stripes Sue The United States Air Force Over “Fell In Love With Girl” Rip-Off

The White Stripes released this statement via www.thewhitestripes.com in regards to US Air Force commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.  The Stripes obviously claim that they believe their song “Fell In Love With A Girl”  had been “re-recorded and used without permission”. The songs are just about identical.  Check it out… The musician who […]

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Not “Keeping it Real” – The Real Names of Rock Stars

David Robert Jones – Robert Zimmerman – Paul Hewson – David Evans – Reginald Kenneth Dwight – Love Michelle Harrison – Brian Warner – Farouk Bulsara – James Jewell Osterberg, Jr. – William Bruce Rose – Saul Hudson – John Anthony Gillis – Chaim Witz – Richard Starkey – Steve Georgiou – Gordon Matthew Sumner – O’Shea Jackson

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